Mechanical Engineering:Metalwork 2020 (H)
Mechanical Engineering involves the design,analysis, and manufacturing of a wide range of Mechanical components and systems
Mechanical Engineering:Metalwork 2020 (H)
The cirriculum is diverse because it is central to many modern industries. Between these diverse activities, mechanical engineering intergrates engineering sciences, conceptual design and manufacturing capabilities into a cost-effective quality products.
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Maths and Science is compulsory
N1 Trimester 2
  • Mathematics N1_H (MW)
  • Engineering Science N1_H (MW)
  • Engineering Drawing N1_H (MW)
  • Plating and Structural Steel Drawing
  • Metalworkers Theory N1_H (MW)
  • Metalworkers Theory N1_H(MW)
N2 Trimester 2
  • Mathematics N2_H (MW)
  • Engineering Science N2_H (MW)
  • Plating and Structural Steel Drawing
  • Engineering Drawing N2_H (MW)
  • Welders Theory N2_H (MW)
  • Platers Theory N2_ (MW)
  • Plating and Structural Steel Drawing N2_H(MW)
N3 Trimester 2
  • Mechanotechnology N3_H (MW)
  • Engineering Drawing N3_H (MW)
  • Engineering Science N3_H (MW)
  • Mathematics N3_H (MW)
  • Plating and Structural Steel Drawing N3_H (MW)
N4 Semester 1
N1 Trimester 3
  • Metal Worker's Theory N1_H(MW)E.D
  • Engineering Science N1_H (ME) IL
N2 Trimester 3
  • Plater's Theory N2_H(MW)E.D
  • Engineering Science N2_H (ME) IL
  • Welder's Theory N2_ H (ME3) E.F D
N3 Trimester 3
  • Mathematics_N3 H (MW)RK