Civil Engineering 2020 (H)
Civil Engineering mainly focuses on creating, improving and protecting the environment in which we live.
Civil Engineering 2020 (H)
Being in engineering gives you the opportunity to plan, design and oversee construction and maintanance of building structures and infrastructure such as roads, railways, airports,bridges, powerplants and sewage systems.
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Maths and Science is compulsory
N1 Trimester 2
  • Wood Workers Theory N1_H (CE)
  • Building Science N1_H (CE)
  • Building Drawing N1_H (CE)
  • Mathematics N1_H (CE)
  • Building Drawing N1_H (CE)
  • Building Science N1_H (CE)
  • Mathematics N1_H (CE)
  • Building Drawing N1_H(CE3)
N2 Trimester 2
  • Carpentry & Roofing Theory N2_H (CE)
  • Building Science N2_H (CE)
  • Building Drawing N2_H (CE)
  • Mathematics N2_H (CE)
  • Mathematics N2_H (CE)
  • Building Drawing N2_H (CE)
  • Building Science N2_H (CE)
N3 Trimester 2
  • Building and Civil Technology N3_H (CE)
  • Building Science N3_H (CE)
  • Building Drawing N3_H (CE)
  • Mathematics N3_H (CE)
  • Building Science N3_H (CE)
  • Mathematics N3_H (CE)
N4 Semester 1
  • Building Administration N4_H(CE)
  • Mathematics N4_H(CE)
N5 Semester 1
  • Mathematics N5_H (CE)
N6 Semester 1
  • Mathematics N6_H(CE)
N1 Trimester 3
  • Mathematics_N1 H(CE)FD
  • Mathematics N1_H (CE) CM
  • Building Drawing N1_H (CE) B.M
  • Building Science N1_H (CE) JL
  • Building Science N1_H (CE 3) J.K
  • Mathematics N1_ H (CE3) GK
  • Building Drawing N1_H (CE3) TAL
  • Building Science N1_H (CE3) J.K
  • Fitting and Machining Theory N1_H (CE) SM
  • Mathematics N1_H (CE) TVR
  • Woodworker's Theory N1_H (CE3) BM
N2 Trimester 3
  • Building Drawing N2_H (CE) JL
  • Building Science N2_H (CE) BM
  • Mathematics N2_H (CE) E.M
  • Carpentry & Roofing Theory N2_H (CE) JL
  • Mathematics N2_ H (CE3) FD
  • Mathematics N2_H (CE3) RFM
  • Building Drawing N2_H (CE3) QEM
  • Bricklaying and Plastering Theory N2_H (CE3) QEM
  • Mathematics N2_H (CE3) QM
  • Building Drawing N2_H (CE3) MLM
  • Building Drawing N2_H (CE3) LTL
  • Mathematics N2_H (CE3) SM
N3 Trimester 3
  • Mathematics N3_H (CE) CM
  • Building Science N3_H (CE) B.M
  • Building Science N3_H (CE 3) V.M
  • Mathematics N3_H (CE3) QM
  • Mathematics N3_ H (CE3) GK
  • Mathematics N3_ H (CE3) MM
  • Building Science N3_H (CE3) MKM
  • Electrotechnology N3_H (CE3) KE.T
  • Building & Civil Technology N3_H (CE3) VM
  • Building & Civil Technology N3_H (CE3) T.A L
N4 Trimester 3
  • Building Administration N4_H (CE 3) DC.M
  • Mathematics N4_ H (CE3) MM
  • Building and Structural Surveying N4_(CE3) J.L
  • Building and Structural Construction N4_H (CE3) DC.M
N5 Trimester 3
  • Building & Structural Construction N5 H (CE3) GM
  • Building & Structural Surveying N5 H (CE3) GM