Transport and Logistics:2020 B
This course will allow you to have the big picture of the orchestration of transportation presenting the different means of transportation.You will know how to define the responsibilities by using the proper incoterms.
Transport and Logistics:2020 B
You will learn how to book a shipment, what are the customs duties (HS codes) and thereby how to calculate the logistic costs. You will manage the key documents required to export/import.
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Maths and Science is compulsory
Obtain a minimum of 60% for Numeracy in the College placement test
A SC (without endorsement) or equivalent – A minimum of five (5) subjects must be passed
L2 Year 1
  • Mathematical Literacy L2_B (TL)1
  • Mathematical Literacy L2_B (TL)2
  • Mathematical Literacy L2_B (TL)3
  • Entrepreneurship L2_B (TL)1
  • Entrepreneurship L2_B (TL)2
  • Transport Operations L2_B (TL)
  • Freight Logistics L2 B (TL)
  • Life Orientation:Life Skills L2_B (TL)
  • Tourism Operations L2_B (TL)
  • English FAL L2_B (TL)
  • Freight Logistics L2
  • Transport operation L22222
  • Entrepreneurship L2- AM
  • Mathematical Literacy L2- AM
  • Mathematics Literacy L2 B (TL) M
  • Mathematics Literacy L2 B (TL) TS
  • Mathematics Literacy L2 B (TL) T
  • Transport Operations L2_B (TL)AM
  • Life Orientation L2: Computer Skills_ B (TL)
  • Entrepreneurship L2_B (TL)
  • Mathematical Literacy L2 B (TL) NTSUNKE
L3 Year 1
  • Mathematical Literacy L3_B (TL)
  • Project Management L3_B (TL)
  • Freight Logistics L3 B (TL)
  • English FAL L3_B (TL)
  • Transport Operations L3_B (TL)
  • Transport Economics L3 B (TL)
  • Mathematical Literacy L3_B(TL)
  • Life Orientations:Computer Skills (3rd Edition) L3_B (TL)
  • Life Orientation: Life Skills (3rd Edition) L3_B (TL)
  • English FAL L3_B (OA) M
L4 Year 1
  • Mathematical Literacy L4_B (TL)
  • Freight Logistics L4 B (TL)
  • Transport Economics L4 B (TL)
  • Transport Operations L4_B (TL)
  • Mathematical Literacy L4_B (TL)
  • English FAL L4_B (TL)
  • Life Orientation: Computer Skills (3rd Edition) L4_B (TL)
  • Life Orientation: Life Skills (3rd Edition) L4_B (TL)
  • Project Management L4_B (TL)