NCV Management 2020:B
The Management Assistant Diploma provides you with opportunities to become a typist, office administrator, secretary, receptionist or personal assistant.
NCV Management 2020:B
The core focus of this course is on strategic human asset management and seeks to help you achieve a competitive advantage through the strategic deployment of a committed and capable workforce using an array of cultural, structural and personal techniques.
What's new with Online Learning
  • Interactive Learning
  • Personal Coach
  • Device & Connectivity
  • Job Portal
  • Funding
Maths and Science is compulsory
Obtain a minimum of 60% for Numeracy in the College placement test
Obtain a minimum of 50% for Literacy in the College placement test
L2 Year 1
  • English FAL L2_B (MGT)1
  • English FAL L2_B (MGT)2
  • Mathematical Literacy L2_B (MGT)1
  • Mathematical Literacy L2_B (MGT)2
  • Operations Management L2_B (MGT)
  • Management Practice L2_ B (MGT)
  • Entrepreneurship L2_B (MGT)
  • Entrepreneurship L2_B(TL)11
  • Entrepreneurship L2_B(TL)12
  • Entrepreneurship L2_B(TL)13
  • Entrepreneurship L2_B(TL)14
  • Entrepreneurship L2_B(TL)1
  • Financial Management L2_B (MGT)
  • Life Orientation : Life Skills L2_B(MGT)
  • Life Orientation : Computer Skills L2_B(MGT)
  • Mathematical Literacy L2_B (MGT) T.T
  • English FAL L2_B (MGT)VA
L3 Year 1
  • English FAL L3_B (MGT)1
  • English FAL L3_B (MGT)2
  • Financial management L3_(MGT)
  • Project Management L3_B (MGT)1
  • Project Management L3_B (MGT)2
  • Operations management L3_B (MGT)
  • Management Practices L3_B (MGT)
  • Mathematical Literacy L3_B (MGT)1
  • Mathematical Literacy L3_B (MGT)2
  • Life orientation: Computer Skills (3rd Edition) L3_B(MGT)
  • Life Orientation : Life Skills L3_B(MGT)
  • Life Orientation : Computer Skills L3_B(MGT)
  • Mathematical Literacy L3 B (MANAGEMENT)Mar
L4 Year 1
  • English FAL L4_B (MGT)
  • Mathematical Literacy L4_B (MGT)
  • Project Management L4_B (MGT)1
  • Project Management L4_B (MGT)2
  • Financial management L4_(MGT)
  • Life Orientation L4_B(MGT)
  • Management Practice L4_B(MGT)
  • Operations Management L4_B (MGT)
  • Life Orientation : Computer skills L4 _B(MGT)
  • Life Orientation: Life Skills (3rd Edition) L4_B (MGT)