Finance, Economics & Accounting 2020:B
Financial management is essential for anyone serious about business, yet many do not have the fundamentals to practise this.
Finance, Economics & Accounting 2020:B
If you are a very organised and methodical person, this is the course and career for you.
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Maths and Science is compulsory
Obtain a minimum of 60% for Numeracy in the College placement test
Obtain a minimum of 50% for Literacy in the College placement test
L2 Year 1
  • English FAL L2_B(FEA)
  • Mathematical Literacy L2_B (FEA)
  • Economic Environment L2_B(FEA)
  • New Venture Creation L2_B(FEA)
  • Applied Accounting L2_B (FEA)
  • Financial Management L2_B FEA
  • Life Orientation L2_ B (FEA)
  • Life Orientation L2: Computer Skills_ B (FEA)
  • Mathematics L2_B (FEA)
  • Financial Management L2 B (FEA) MT
  • Mathematics L2 B (FEA) NTSUKE
  • Wholesale & Retail L2_B (FEA)
L3 Year 1
  • English FAL L3_B (FEA)
  • New Venture Creation L3_B(FEA)
  • Applied Accounting L3_B(FEA)
  • Financial management L3_B (FEA)
  • Economic Environment L3_B(FEA)
  • Mathematical Literacy L3_B (FEA)
  • Life Orientation L3_ B (FEA)
  • Life Orientation L3:Computer Skills_ B (FEA)
  • Mathematics L3_B (FEA)
  • Mathematics L3 B (FEA) MAGAU
  • Consumer Behaviour L3_B(FEA)
  • Wholesale & Retail L3_B (FEA)
L4 Year 1
  • Mathematical Literacy L4_B (FEA)
  • New Venture Creation L4_B(FEA)
  • Economic Environment L4_B(FEA)
  • First Applied Accounting L4_B(FEA)
  • English FAL L4 B_(FEA)
  • Financial management L4_(FEA)
  • Life Orientation L4_ B (FEA)
  • Life Orientation L4: Computer Skills_ B (FEA)
  • Mathematics L4_B (FEA)
  • Mathematics L4 B (FEA) MAGAU
  • Consumer Behaviour L4_B(FEA)
  • Wholesale & Retail L4_B (FEA)