NCV Civil Engineering and Building Construction
This course is for aspiring engineers in the fiels of building and civil engineering.
NCV Civil Engineering and Building Construction
Students will learn a lot in the field of building and construction.
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- A minimum of 30% for English coupled with a minimum of 40% for four (4) x 20 credit subjects
Mathematics for certain courses.
L1 Trimester 2
L2 Trimester 2
  • Construction Planning L2 T(CEBC))
  • English FAL L2 T(CEBC)
  • Materials L2 T(CEBC)
  • Plant and Equipment L2 T(CEBC)
  • Life Orientation : Life skills L2_T(CEBC)
  • Mathematics L2_T (CEBC)
  • Life orientation : Computer Skills L2_T(CEBC)
  • Bricklaying & Plastering Theory N2 T (CE)
L3 Trimester 2
  • Materials L3T(CEBC)
  • Plant and Equipment L3 T(CEBC)
  • Construction Planning L3 T(CEBC)
  • Mathematics L3_T (CEBC)
L4 Trimester 2
  • Materials L4 T(CEBC)
  • English FAL L4 T_(CEBC)
  • Life Orientation L4 T(CEBC)
  • Mathematical Literacy L4 T(CEBC)
  • Construction Planning L4 T(CEBC)
  • Construction Supervision L4 T(CEBC)
  • Mathematics L4_T (CEBC)
  • Life Orientation : Computer Skills L4_T(CEBC)
  • Applied Engineering Technology L4_T(ERD) M
N1 Trimester 3