NCV Engineering Related Design 2020:CNPC
Mechanical Engineering involves the design,analysis, and manufacturing of a wide range of Mechanical components and systems
NCV Engineering Related Design 2020:CNPC
Its main objective is to provide you knowledge and skills of three types: conceptual, human, and practical/operational. These are pivotal for development.
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Maths and Science is compulsory
L2 Year 1
  • Mathematics L2_CNPC (ERD)
  • Engineering Systems L2_CNPC (ERD)
  • English FAL L2_CNPC (ERD)
  • Engineering Fundamentals L2_CNPC (ERD)
  • Fitting & Turning L2_CNPC (ERD)
  • Engineering Technology L2_CNPC (ERD)
  • Automotive Repairs and Maintenance L2_CNPC (ERD)
  • Life Orientation:Life Skills L2_CNPC (ERD)
  • Life Orientation:Computer Skills L2_CNPC (ERD)
L3 Year 1
  • Automotive Repairs and Maintenance L3_CNPC (ERD)
  • Engineering Graphics & Design L3_CNPC (ERD)
  • Engineering Practice & Maintenance L3_CNPC (ERD)
  • Fitting & Turning L3_CNPC (ERD)
  • Material Technology L3_CNPC (ERD)
  • English FAL L3_CNPC (ERD)
  • Mathematics L3_CNPC (ERD)
  • Life Orientation:Computer Skills L3_CNPC (ERD)
  • Life Orientation:Life Skills L3_CNPC (ERD)
L4 Year 1
  • Applied Eng Technology L4_CNPC (ERD)
  • Proffessional Engineering Practice L4_CNPC (ERD)
  • Engineering Processes L4_CNPC (ERD)
  • English FAL L4_CNPC (ERD)
  • Mathematics L4_CNPC (ERD)
  • Life Orientation:Life Skills L4_CNPC (ERD)
  • Life Orientation:Computer Skills L4_CNPC (ERD)