NCV Management 2020:CSBC
The Management Assistant Diploma provides you with opportunities to become a typist, office administrator, secretary, receptionist or personal assistant.
NCV Management 2020:CSBC
If you are a very organised and methodical person, this is the course and career for you.
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Grade 9 with a minimum pass of 50% in Mathematics
L2 Year 1
  • English FAL L2_CBSC (MGT)
  • Operations Management L2_CBSC (MGT)
  • Management Practice L2_CBSC (MGT)
  • Financial Management L2_CBSC (MGT)
  • Entrepereneurship L2_CBSC(MGT)
  • Life Orientation: Computer Skills L2_CBSC (MGT)
  • Life Orientation: Life Skills L2_CBSC (MGT)
  • Mathematical Literacy L2_CBSC (MGT)
L3 Year 1
  • English FAL L3_CBSC (MGT)
  • Operations Management L3_CBSC (MGT)
  • Management Practice L3_CBSC (MGT)
  • Financial Management L3_CBSC (MGT)
  • Project Management L3_CBSC (MGT)
  • Life Orientation: Life Skills L3_CBSC (MGT)
  • Life Orientation: Computer Skills L3_CBSC (MGT)
  • Mathematical Literacy L3_CBSC (MGT)
L4 Year 1
  • English FAL L4_CBSC (MGT)
  • Operations Management L4_CBSC (MGT)
  • Management Practice L4_CBSC (MGT)
  • Financial Management L4_CBSC (MGT)
  • Project Management L4_CBSC (MGT)
  • Life Orientation: Life Skills L4_CBSC (MGT)
  • Life Orientation: Computer Skills L4_CBSC (MGT)
  • Mathematical Literacy L4_CBSC (MGT)