NCV Marketing 2020:CNPC
Marketing Management combines a range of exceptional skills. It involves strategic decision-making on products, pricing, promotion, and distribution in an integrated effort across multiple markets. The course also harnesses the abilities to innovate, discover and break rules to create sustainable value for customers.
NCV Marketing 2020:CNPC
If you are a very organised and methodical person, this is the course and career for you.
What's new with Online Learning
  • Interactive Learning
  • Personal Coach
  • Device & Connectivity
  • Job Portal
  • Funding
Maths and Science is compulsory
L2 Year 1
  • Advertising & Promotions L2_CPNC (MKT)
  • Contact Centre Operations L2_CPNC (MKT)
  • Marketing Communication L2_CPNC (MKT)
  • English FAL L2_CPNC (MKT)
  • Mathematical Literacy L2_CPNC (MKT)
  • Life Orientation:Computer Skills L2_CPNC (MKT)
  • Life Orientation:Life Skills L2_CPNC (MKT)
  • Marketing L2_ CPNC (MKT)
L3 Year 1
  • Contact Centre Operations L3_CPNC (MKT)
  • Advertising & Promotions L3_CPNC (MKT)
  • Marketing Communication L3_CPNC (MKT)
  • English FAL L3_CPNC (MKT)
  • Mathematical Literacy L3_CPNC (MKT)
  • Life Orientation:Computer Skills L3_CPNC (MKT)
  • Life Orientation:Life Skills L3_CPNC (MKT)
L4 Year 1
  • Contact Centre Operations L4_CPNC (MKT)
  • Advertising & Promotions L4_CPNC (MKT)
  • Marketing Communication L4_CPNC (MKT)
  • English FAL L4_CPNC (MKT)
  • Mathematical Literacy L4_CPNC (MKT)
  • Life Orientation:Computer Skills L4_CPNC (MKT)
  • Life Orientation:Life Skills L4_CPNC (MKT)