NCV Information Technology & Computer Science 2020:CSBC
You will develop a broad theoretical foundation in various core areas of information technology such as information systems, computer science, software development, database design and project management.
NCV Information Technology & Computer Science 2020:CSBC
You will also develop practical skills with an emphasis on managing operating systems, designing software, analysing systems, building network applications and programming.
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Maths and Science is compulsory
L2 Year 1
  • English FAL L2_CBSC (ITCS)
  • Life Orientation:Computer Skills L2_CBSC (ITCS)
  • Life Orientation:Life Skills L2_CBSC (ITCS)
  • Mathematics L2_CBSC (ITCS)
  • Electronics L2_CBSC (ITCS)
  • Contact Centre Operations L2_CBSC (ITCS)
  • Introduction to Information Systems L2_CBSC (ITCS)
  • Introduction to System Development L2_CBSC (ITCS)
L3 Year 1
  • English FAL L3_CBSC (ITCS)
  • Life Orientation:Computer Skills L3_CBSC (ITCS)
  • Life Orientation:Life Skills L3_CBSC (ITCS)
  • Mathematics L3_CBSC (ITCS)
  • Contact Centre Operations L3_CBSC (ITCS)
  • Principles of Computer Programming L3_CBSC (ITCS)
  • System Analysis and Design L3_CBSC (ITCS)
  • Computer Hardware & Software L3_CBSC (ITCS)
L4 Year 1
  • English FAL L4_CBSC (ITCS)
  • Life Orientation:Computer Skills L4_CBSC (ITCS)
  • Life Orientation:Life Skills L4_CBSC (ITCS)
  • Mathematics L4_CBSC (ITCS)
  • Contact Centre Operations L4_CBSC (ITCS)
  • System Analysis and Design L4_CBSC (ITCS)
  • Computer Programming L4_CBSC (ITCS)