Mechanical Engineering: Motor &Diesel 2021 H
Mechanical Engineering involves the design,analysis, and manufacturing of a wide range of Mechanical components and systems
Mechanical Engineering: Motor &Diesel 2021 H
The cirriculum is diverse because it is central to many modern industries. Between these diverse activities, mechanical engineering intergrates engineering sciences, conceptual design and manufacturing capabilities into a cost-effective quality products.
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Maths and Science is compulsory
  • Engineering Drawing N1 1MECHN1
  • Motor Trade Theory N1 1MECHN1
  • Mathematics N1 2MECHN1
  • Engineering Science N1 1MECHN1
  • Engineering Drawing N1 2MECHN1
  • Motor Trade Theory N1MOTORN1FA
  • Engineering Science N1MOTORN1FA
  • Motor Trade Theory N1 MOTORN1FA
  • Engineering Drawing N1 LL MOTAKE
  • Engineering Drawing N1 MOTORN1 FB (M)
  • Mathematics N1 MOTORN1PA (N)
  • Mathematics N1 MOTORN1 FB (M)
  • Mathematics N1 MOTORN1FA (M)
  • Engineering Drawing N1 B GOQWANA
  • Motor Trade Theory N1 B GOQWANA
  • Engineering Science N1 T MSINDO
  • Motor Trade Theory N1 NI LEBURU
  • Engineering Science N1 MOTORN1FA (L)
  • Fitting & Turning N1 FITTN1FA (P)
  • Engineering Science N1 EF DIEGAARDT
  • Mathematics N1 KF DITAUNYANE
  • Fitting and Machining N1 PHATLANE
  • Engineering Science N1 CHABALALA
  • Engineering Drawing N2 MD_H Motorn2FA
  • Diesel Trade Theory N2 MD_H Motorn2FA
  • Engineering Science N2 MD_H Motorn2FA
  • Engineering Science N2 MD_HV21
  • Engineering Drawing N2 MD_HV21
  • Diesel Trade Theory N2 MD_HV21
  • Mathemetics N2WELDN2
  • Elecrical trade theory N2ELECN2
  • Diesel Trade Theory N2 RP MONAHENG
  • Mathematics N2 2MECHN2 R
  • Motor Trade Theory N2 2MECHN2 R
  • Mathematics N2 MOTORN2PA (S)
  • Motor Trade Theory N2 RP MONAHENG
  • Engineering Drawing N2 MM THULO
  • Engineering Science N2 VM MOKITIMI
  • Mathematics N2 KG KALOBO
  • Engineering Drawing N2 MOTORN2FB (P)
  • Engineering Drawing N2 LES LESUPI
  • Motor & Diesel Trade Theory N2 B GOQWANA
  • Fitting & Turning N2 FITTN2 FA (P)
  • Building Drawing N2 LIPHOLO
  • Motor Trade Theory N2 GOQWANE
  • MathematicsN3MECHN3
  • Engineering Drawing N3 2MECHN3 R
  • Diesel Trade Theory N3 2MECHN3 R
  • Engineering Science N3 2MECHN3 R
  • Mechanotechnology N3 2MECHN3 R
  • Mathematics N3 MCHNON3PA (T)
  • Electrotechnology N3 MOTORN3FA (T)
  • Engineering Science N3 MCHNON3PA (B)
  • Mechanotechnology N3 MCHNON3PA (M)
  • Engineering Drawing N3 MCHNON3PA (S)
  • Motor Trade Theory N3 MCHNON3PB (S)
  • Engineering Science N3 MOTORN3FB (S)
  • Engineering Science N3 Seboko
  • Mathematics N3 QE Mokoena
  • Mathematics N3 RS MOLELI
  • Engineering Drawing N3 B Goqwana
  • Motor Trade Theory N3 RS Moleli
  • Mathematics N3 KJ Tleru
  • Diesel Trade Theory N3 TVR Silokwane
  • Motor & Diesel Trade Theory N3 MOLELI
  • Mathematics N4 MOTORN4FA (M)
  • Engineering Science N4 MOTORN4PA (M)
  • Mechanical Draughting N4 SE JAS
  • Mechanotechnics N4 RS MOLELI
  • Mechano Technology N4 MOTORN4FA (K)
  • Supervisory Management N4 MOTORN4FA (L)
  • Mechanical Draughting N4 B GOQWANA
  • Mathematics N5 MECN5PA (M)
  • Mechanotechnics N5 KG KALOBO
  • Power Machines N5 MECN5PA (L)
  • Supervisory Management N5 SUPN5PA (L)
  • Power Machines N5 T SHUPING
  • Mechanical Drawing and Design N5 BI HLANGANISO
  • Mathematics N6 MECN6PA (M)
  • Electrotechnics N6 MECN6PA (M)
  • Mechanotechnics N6 S NCURU
  • Power Machines N6 RS MOLELI
  • Supervisory Management N6 SUPN6PA (L)