Aircraft Maintenance 2021 (H)
Mechanical Engineering involves the design,analysis, and manufacturing of a wide range of Mechanical components and systems
Aircraft Maintenance 2021 (H)
The cirriculum is diverse because it is central to many modern industries. Between these diverse activities, mechanical engineering intergrates engineering sciences, conceptual design and manufacturing capabilities into a cost-effective quality products.
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Maths and Science is compulsory
A NC(V) with Diploma admission – A minimum of 50% in English on either First Additional Language or Home Language level AND Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy AND Life Orientation – a minimum of 60% in the three (3) compulsory vocational subjects is required;
A recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment for NQF level 2
N1 Trimester 1
  • Engineering Science N1 1AIRN1
  • Mathematics N1 1AIRN1
  • Engineering Drawing N1 1AIRN1
  • Aircraft Maintenance AIRN1FA N1
  • Engineering Science N2 31ELECN2
N2 Trimester 1
  • Mathematics N2 1AIRN2
  • Engineering Drawing N2 1AIRN2
  • Engineering Science N2 1AIRN2
  • Engineering Science N2ELECN2
  • Aircraft Theory N23AIRN2
  • Motor Trade Theory N2MECHN2
N3 Trimester 1
  • Mathematics N3 1AIRN3 (AM)
  • Engineering Drawing N3 1AIRN3 (AM)
  • Engineering Science N3 1AIRN3 (AM)
  • Engineering DrawingN3MECHN3
  • MathematicsN3AIRN3
  • Elecro TechnologyN3ELECN3
  • Aircraft Theory N31AIRN3
N4 Trimester 1
  • Mechenical DraftingN4MECHN4
  • Machanotechnics N4MCHN4
  • Engineering Science N4MECHN4
  • Engineering Science N4ELECN4
  • Elecro technics N4ELECRN4
N5 Trimester 1
  • MathematicsN5ELECN5
N6 Trimester 1
  • Strength of material N56ElECN6